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Do you need a pro landscaper or should you do it yourself?

November 8, 2021

You’re looking out at your yard, thinking of what it could be. Images from the home makeover shows and magazines race through your head. A lush lawn with perfectly tended gardens, containers here and there, hardscaping, some trees, lights…and maybe a water feature. Do you need a pro landscaper to do the job or should you do it yourself? LandOne Group has some questions to ask so you can decide for yourself.

Do you have enough landscaping experience and knowledge?

The process involves planning the landscape design first, which also requires understanding what you can and cannot do. Zoning requirements, HOA restrictions, and even the quality of the soil and the amount of natural light contribute to planning your landscape design. You’ll need to be aware of the drainage required to keep the water flowing where it needs to be, and not leaving puddles behind or, worse yet, seeping into your home or flooding your patio.

For example, are you thinking of building a retaining wall? Are you planning to use wood, stone, brick, or something else? The height of the wall will help you determine the right material. You’ll need to factor in the weight of the soil that will push on the wall. Drainage is also an essential component in designing and building a retaining wall that will last.

Maybe a new garden or walkway is in your plans. It’s a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. But if you don’t understand what’s involved in doing it right, your time and money can be wasted. And your good intentions lead to very bad results.

If you will have kids and pets enjoying your yard, are you sure you aren’t planning something that could be toxic to them?

As you consider whether you should hire a pro landscaper or do it yourself, be honest about your knowledge about the critical elements in the project. Tearing up your yard without the ability to create the landscape you envision could negatively impact your home’s value.

How much time do you have to do your own landscaping?

While we were sheltered at home, we had plenty of time to work on fixer-uppers. Many people shifted their focus to improving outdoor living spaces. Now that your life has settled back into a work-life balance, do you have time to work on your landscaping?

Once you start your home landscaping project, will you have enough time to complete it? Or will you be staring at piles of soil and rocks, flats of unplanted plants, and a landscape that is clearly a work in progress?

Time is a valuable commodity. There are more things we want to do in a day than there are hours. Decide how much your time is worth before committing to spend it on a home landscaping project that could take up your free time for weeks, even months, to come.

Can you handle the physical labor?

We all have enthusiasm when starting a home improvement project. Then it becomes less and less fun. Landscaping is hard work. It takes its toll on your body when you’re not used to all that bending, lifting, kneeling, and digging. Are you able to handle the physical work without incurring medical bills?

What is your budget?

It might seem like you can save money by doing it yourself, but that’s not always the case. Before you look at the bottom line of a professional landscaping estimate, let’s think about the REAL bottom line.

  • Equipment: Make a list of the equipment you’ll need to complete the landscaping project. Will you need to purchase or rent additional equipment to do the job? Having the right equipment can turn a labor-intensive task into something more doable. Add this  equipment cost to your landscaping DIY budget.
  • Plantings. From sod to shrubs to plants, have you calculated the cost for buying all the live plantings for your yard makeover? A professional landscaper usually guarantees the quality of anything they plant, so you’re covered. They also know which plants will thrive in the conditions where you live. In addition, because professional landscapers purchase in higher volume, the price might be more competitive than buying plants yourself.
  • Materials. A professional landscaper has knowledge about the best materials for a certain task. They also know how much to buy. Think about the time and money you could save on additional trips to the garden or home center.

When you add it all up, a professional landscaper might be the smart investment of your money and time. You’ll end up with professional results that last, whether you hire the landscaping service for regular maintenance or do it yourself. When you start with a great landscape, it will be much easier to maintain!

If your home or office is in the Charleston, SC, region, consider LandOne Group for your professional landscaping service. We offer both residential and commercial landscaping, from design through installation and maintenance, as well as erosion control. Contact us to get started on landscaping done right.